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House Movers is a Premium Moving Company Based in Abu Dhabi

Houe movers is a professional movers and packers service company located in Abu Dhabi and we have been in operation since 2013. 

We give timely, consistent and efficient service, this is so because we have well trained, skilled and professional personnel who do their best to ensure that your valuable goods and belongings are relocated with ease.

We have a high level of trust from our customer over the year, majority of our customers keep coming and uses our services because they know we can be trusted both in rendering adequate service and also in the security of their belongings and valuables.

There is no more point looking for a company to do your moving and packing service because we are here to do that for you, our process is simple and our rate is affordable.

House Movers

Premium Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

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We are based in Abu Dhabi and provide movers and packers services all around Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Our experience over the years has made us conversant with all Abu Dhabi route and we can deliver no matter where you are moving to.  We are considered Best Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi.


Our mission is to provide the best mover and packer services to our clients all around Abu Dhabi and to achieve this, we are making continuous research on improving our services to its highest standard as well as constant training of our staff to become more efficient in carrying out their duties.

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