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Houe movers is a professional moving and packing service located in Abu Dhabi and we have been in operation since 2013. We are the most trusted, dependable, reliable and affordable movers and Packers Company in Abu Dhabi. We give you a professional relocation services like Residential relocation, office movers, company mover, hotel relocation, commercial relocation, etc.


Residential relocation

Different people may have different reasons why they may want to relocate and they will love to have their household belonging relocated safely. Hiring our house movers service will help you actualize this dream giving you a smooth and simpler relocation.

The level of work required in home relocation can be overwhelming; therefore, it will be a wise decision to employ our services which has a lot of experience and experts in residential relocation.

Residential Relocation

Home relocation

When try to move into your new home, there is need to employ the services of Relocation Company for effective movement.  We have professional home movers, properly trained, who will ensure that your belongings are safely moved to your new location.

Making our clients comfortable while relocating irrespective of the kind of apartment or belongings they have is our desire.

Apartment Relocation

Apartment relocation can be moving into a studio apartment, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments etc.  This movement requires a completely new perception because of the limitations in space.

Therefore, it requires so many creativity and skills to be able to make such apartment comfortable and lovely and this can only be done when you hire our creative and skilled workers.

Apartment Relocation

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Villa Relocation

villa Relocation

Relocation of villas can be difficult, this is so because of the natures of villa ( They are often big) . In relocation of villa they have to shifted in two pieces and this obviously require the service of professional. 

Our professional villa relocation service will help you do this without stress if you contact us today.

Commercial Relocation

It is crystal clear that industrial/commercial relocation is one of the most difficult relocation activities, this so because it requires a high level of physical and mental challenges and during this process, there are chances of damages occurring.  This therefore makes it so important that the service of an expert is employed. We have special skills in commercial relocation and we shall be giving you the best when you contact us.

Office Relocation

When you contact our team of professional office relocation service, we can make your next office move a raging success. In Abu Dhabi, we are specialist in office moving and packing with so many happy customers around.

Hotel Relocation

Our relocation service provides you with complete hotel shifting services with full option of loading and unloading services. Our well trained, knowledgeable staffs will also provide you with reliable and satisfactory company moving services.



We offer a handyman service which is the best for your office and household general repairs and maintenance services.  Our handyman service workers are skilled and as such carries out their work with promptness in a reliable and satisfactory way.

We know it can be stressful and highly demanding when trying to relocate, for this reason, we are offering you our moving experts to help you escape uncertainties and hassles.

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